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Below you will find an explanation of the different book binding
options. On the pricing link, you will determine what these
different choices will cost.

Your Book CoverGenealogy Book Printing - Book Covers

"You can't judge a book by it's cover"

Whoever said that certainly wasn't trying to sell one. How you cover your book will have the greatest difference on price but it will also have the greatest effect of selling price too.

Library Bound | Book Binding | Book Covers - Genealogy Book Printing -

Library Bound


Also called "case binding". Pages are sewn for reinforcement and a hard cover is wrapped in heavy duty cloth. Cover and spine are professionally lettered in Gold Foil for a book worthy of the Coffee Table.

To see photos of some of our recent library bound books click on Library Binding Samples.

Although the most expensive option, it is the most common because of the added value it gives your book. Library bound genealogy books generally sell for $35 to $55 allowing you a larger markup.

 Genealogy Book Printing Bindery
Comes in:

  • Black

  • Light Blue

  • Medium Blue

  • Navy Blue

  • Red

  • Burgundy

  • Dark Green

  • Light Green

  • Tan

  • Gray

  • Brown

  • Orange

  • Goldenrod

  • Purple

  • Aqua

Genealogy Book Printing Bindery - Perfect Bound

Perfect Bound


Covers are printed on gloss card stock which wraps around the book and is glued on the spine. This is also known as Paperback. It is $6.00 less than library binding but can show wear if handled over time.


Free Professional Cover DesignIncluded in the price of your book
will be the professional design of your cover. You will see a proof before we go to press.

Genealogy Book Printing Bindery - GBC or Coil BindingGenealogy Book Printing BinderyGenealogy Book Printing Bindery





 GBC or Coil

Used as an alternative to keep costs down, coil binding or gbc binding allows for the book to lay flat and be kept with you conveniently such as in a briefcase.


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